Примечания к изданию

1. The following abbreviations are used in the apparatus: (PS): Pod ser,; (PTT): Peking Tibetan Tripitaka, Pe. 3131 bsTan-‘gyur, rgyud ’grel, tsi, fols. I52a8~55b8; (DG): bDe-dge bsTan-‘gyur,To. 2284, rgyud, zhi, fols. 139a6-42by; (Co): Co-ne bsTan-‘gyur, rgyud, zhi, fols. 1393-433; (rGyud kun): rGyudsde kun btus, vol. 26.92-102; (DNg): gDams-ngag mdzod, 4.1.1-11.1.1; (Bo dong): Bo dong gsung ’bum (Encyclopaedia Tibetica), vol. 105.415-28. The numbers in brackets, for example, [n], are the PS page numbers. Occasional readings from the Sras don ma and the sGa theng ma also are provided. The tide of the text is extracted from the end of the work and is something of an issue. The preceding tide is that given at the end of the text (PS 19.3). Co (14331), DG (142b7), Po-dong (428.4), and PTT (vol. has man ngag du bcaspa. DNg, rGyud kun have man ngag dang bcaspa. The titles given at the beginning of the various editions, however, reflect a much wider variation: To. 2284 in the catalog has perhaps the most commonly used title, Lam ’bras bu dang bcaspa i rtsa ba rdo rje ‘i tshig rkang, evident in the sDe-dge bstan ‘gyur dkar chag (699: lam ’bras bu dang bcas pa’i rtsa ba rdo rje’i tshig rkang dang | bdud rtsi grub pa’i rtsa ba zhes bya ba slob dpon chen po bi ru pas mdzad pa). DNg, rGyud kun have gSung ngag rinpo che lam ‘bras bu dang bcas pa igzhung rdo rje i tshig rkang, the LL edition in the PS does not offer any beginning title, similar to the canonical editions, while the gLegs bam kyi dkar-chags of the PS (2.2) uses the common abbreviation rTsa ba rdo rje i tshig rkang, *Mula-vajrapada.

2. DNg omits la.

3. Most of the titles for the section divisions contained in [brackets] are from the sGa theng ma, 159 ffi, or the other commentaries, and are provided for convenience; they are not in the original text. See chapter 8 for a discussion of the priority of the sGa theng ma.

4. PTT nyon mongs pa’i snang ba la ma dag ba’i snang ba la |; DG, Co nyon mongs pa’i snang ba la ma dag pa’i snang ba|.

5. DG, Co omit la.

6. PTT omits la.

7. PTT, DG, Co pa’i; PTT, DG, Co, DNg omit la.

8. PTT gyis.

9. Co tshad pas.

10. PTT, Co, DG, and DNg use the new orthography (la) sogs throughout. PS uses the archaic stsogs, which is retained.

11. PTT, DG, Co, DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun sogs.

12. PTT, DG, Co bzhi yis and throughout.

13. PTT skyed rim la sogs.

14. DNg, rGyud kun kyis.

15. DNg, rGyud kun, Co chags.

16. DNg, rGyud kun omit sogs; DG ’dod yon sogs la yis.

17. DNg bsgom.

18. PTT bgag; DG, Co ’dag.

19. DNg  ’du’i.

20. PTT, DG, Co, Bo dong dangs ma for dwangs ma throughout.

21. DNg rtsir.

22. PTT rnam Inga dang |.

23. DNg, rGyud kun omit la.

24. DNg bcu’i; rGyud kun bcus.

25. DNg bsgom; Bo dong sgoms.

26. Bo dong blta ba’i.

27. PTT las.

28. PTT rgyud.

29. PTT, DG, Co ma chad pas |.

30. PTT dbang.

31. PTT tshad ma’o |; DG, Co lo rgyus kyis tshad mao |.

32. PTT, DNg, DG, Co, rGyud kun kun gzhi.

33. DNg, rGyudkun lam thams chad yongs su rdzogs pa’o |.

34. sGa theng ma reads rtan pa, clearly a misprint.

35. DNg, rGyud kun dad pa brtan po |; Bo dong dad pa rtan po | = omit bsrung.

36. PTT dad pa brtan pos bsrung ba’i ’khor lo |; DG, Co dad pa brtan pos srung ba’i ’khor lo |.

37. Bo dong ’dud.

38. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun omit la.

39 .Bo dong blta grub.

40. DNg, PTT, rGyud kun bsgyur ba’o |; DG, Co rgyur ba’o |.

41. PTT nang gang bdud lam; DG nang gi bdud lam; Co nang gis dud lam.

42. PTT, Co brda shes pas; DG brda ma shes na ’od brda shes pas.

43. PTT, DG, Co bral bas bral ba’i.

44. DNg ’bras bus gzhi.

45. Co thobs nas; DG thabs nas.

46. PS gyi.

47. DNg rlabs.

48. DNg, rGyud kun so.

49. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, Bo dong sgom pa mi ’chor ba throughout.

50. DNg, rGyud kun omit ni.

51. PTT, DG, Co thod rgal gyi ye shes.

52. DNg dang po la rlung po; rGyud kun dang po la rlung so; PTT, Co dang po rgyun gyi rlung po; DG mas ’dus pa dang po | rgyun gyi rlung po; here, as elsewhere, PTT, t)G, Co give lag ca for lag cha.

53. PTT, DG [omit rtsa] sna tshogs ’dud la sogs | gzhi rtsa ba’i rlung la sogs |; Co [omit rtsa] sna tshogs ’dud la sogs bzhi rtsa ba’i rlung la sogs zin.

54. DNg ’gags.

55. PTT, DG, Co de tsa na thig le.

56. DNg ’gre |; DG ’dro.

57. DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun omit nang du.

58. DNg, rGyud kun med pa.

59. PTT, DG, Co me Tsar ba lta bur snang |.

60. PTT chu rlung la dang.

61. PTT, DG, Co ’byung ba bzhi’i.

62. PTT’byung bzhi’i rlung mnyam rgyu dang lha mo sna tshogs dang dri ro | nam mkha’; DG, Co lha mo sna tshogs kyis gar mchod dang dri ro | hyung ba bzhi’i rlung mnyam rgyu dang lha mo sna tshogs nam mkha’.

63. DG, Co, rGyud kun lus.

64. DG, Co omit de.

65. DNg, rGyud kun phran.

66. PTT thig phan.

67. DNg nyams nga.

68. DNg mchil ma’i.

69. PTT nyams lta bu khams kun tu snang ngo |.

70. PTT, Bo dong A la; DNg, DG, Co, rGyud kun A las.

71. Bo dong pho brang du rlung sems mnyams par ’dus na.

72. PTT bzung ’dzin.

73. DNg yangs la.

74. PTT, Co rang ’byung.

75. rGyud kun rlung so for rlung po throughout; Bo dong dpyid kyi added before rlung po in a different hand, justified in Bo-dong’s commentary, Encyclopaedia Ti- betica vol 105.141.5.

76. Co, Bo dong gzugs.

77. DG, Co dri.

78. DNg long ba.

79. DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun phyi.

80. rGyud kun logs.

81. PTT, DG mkha’ ’gro ma Inga; Bo dong mkha’ ‘gro Inga dang.

82. DG, Co la.

83. PTT, DG, Co omit shes pas.

84. PTT sol ba’i.

85. DNg las.

86. DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun skye bas drod; DG, skye ba’i dod; Co skyed ba’i dod.

87. PTT, Co du gtang |; DNg, rGyud kun du bskyang |; Bo dong du gtad do |.

88. PTT’ongs bas.

89. DG ’cher ba’i.

90. DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun yul gags pa na.

91. DG, Co, Bo dong bsnyams pas.

92. DG rlung pa lag cha dral bas rtsa bral|; Co dral bas rtsa bral |.

93. PTT, DNg, DG, Co, Bo dong, rGyud kun rjes las.

94. DG, Co byung ba’i.

95. DNg ijes; Bo dong dges.

96. DNg kundar; PTT kun dhar.

97. Bo dong sna rtser dkyil ’khor rgyu.

98. DNg rig pas; PTT, DG, Co rig pa; Bo dong rigs pa.

99. PTT, Co lus ngag yid gsum rdo rje’i; DG lus ngag yid gsum rdo rje.

100. DNg bca’; Bo dong dkyil dkrungs bca’.

101. DG, Co thig le.

102. DNg chom pa’o |; PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun choms pa’o |.

103. PTT nang gis.

104. Bo dong sngar ma skyes pa’i.

105. PTT, Co omit par; DG bzod dka’.

106. PTT, DG, Co bzod pa’o |.

107. PTT’phros na.

108. PTT, DG, Co omit yongs su.

109. DNg nang nas; Bo dong chos kyi nang na.

110. PTT, Co omit dang.

111. DNg, DG, Co, PTT, rGyud kun A nas; Bo dong corrected to A nas.

112. PTT, DG, Co rang mtshan nyid do 11.

113. DNg, rGyud kun phyi nang gi rten.

114. PTT, DNg, DG, Co, rGyud kun thob par byed pa throughout.

115. PTT omit entire phrase: bskyed . . . nas |; DG spyod pa’i rim pa’i.

116. PTT, DG, Co dag par byed pa.

117. PTT, Co gtso bo.

118. Bo dong mthong na.

119. PTT, DG, Co mthong bas | rtog pa’i; PS rtogs pa’i.

120. PTT sgul zhing nyams.

121. DNg, Co ’chad |; Bo dong mar brgya ’gyed followed by small correction to mar brgya ’ched.

122. PTT du ma‘i rten mthong nas; DNg, rGyud kun khyad par mi’i rten mthong na; DG, Co mthong nas.

123. DNg, rGyud kun dga’ zhing.

124. DNg, rGyud kun dus su bstan pa’i; PTT dus na brtan pa’i; Bo dong dus su stan pa’i.

125. PTT, DG de tsa na for de tsam na throughout; DG, Co rtog |.

126. Bo dong mchi ma lhung.

127. DNg rdog bro Bo dong rgod bro.

128. Bo dong ska cig mas.

129. DNg, rGyud kun rdo rje’i rtse.

130. Bo dong rdo rje lan cig corrected to rdo rje’i lan ga cig.

131. PTT has.

132. DNg, rGyud kun lus sems bde bas myong zhing brgyal; Co myong shing brgyal.

133. rGyud kun gags.

134. PTT, DG, Co omit mthong lam.

135. DNg la.

136. DG, Co dbang bzhi | Bo dong dbang bzhi ni.

137. PTT, DNg, DG, Co sa gnyis pa nas.

138. DG, Co sprul pa’i sku’i.

139. DG bskul ba; Co bsgul ba.

140. PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun gags.

141. PTT lte ba’i snying.

142. DG sgom lam sa drug go |.

143. PTT brlabs; rGyud kun brlab.

144. DNg gyi.

145. PTT, DG, Co ngag dag pa gsan ba’i.

146. PTT, NTh, Co dangs ma’i rlung Inga la; DG dangs ma’i rlang Inga la; Bo dong, rGyud kun, PS omitt Inga after rlung, yet this is included in Sr as don ma, 399.4, sGa theng ma, 447.2.

147. DG lta stang sa rnams.

148. Bo dong bha gha’i dkyil du.

149. PTTgis.

150. PTT phyi me.

151. DG, Co, DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun a li ka li mthong nas.

152. DG yig ’bru ces pa; Co illegible, but insufficient room for ’bru zhes stsogs; Bo dong yid ’bru ces pa sogs.

153. PS, rGyud kun, DNg sa bdun yan chad ’khor bzhi’i brgya longs sku’i zhing khams dung phyur; Sras don ma, 403.2, sa bdun yan chad ’khor lo bzhi rgyal ba longs sku’i zhing khams dung phyur. sGa theng ma, 450.5, and other commentaries as printed.

154. DG, Co bsgul ba.

155. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun gags.

156. rGyud kun mgrin pa.

157. Co sa bcu’o 11.

158. PTT, DG, Co omit chos sku las.

159. Bo dong corrected to sems ’dag pa.

160. PTT sems dag pa dkyil ’khor ’khor lo thabs; DG sems dag la dkyil ’khor ’khor lo thabs.

161. DG, Co gyi.

162. DNg, rGyudkun byed pa | yid dag par byed pa shes rab ye shes; Bo dong byed pa | yid ’dag par byed pa shes rab dang | ye shes; PTT, DG, Co shes rab dang ye shes.

163. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun ni for dang; Bo dong rtags stobs dang|.

164. DNg, Bo dong, rGyud kun omit kyi.

165. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, Bo dong, rGyud kun bskyod pa’i.

166. DNg omit rtags bstan pa.

167. DNg sogs kyi dbang.

168. PTT, Bo dong ’du [omit ba]; DG, Co bdud rtsi Inga gar ’du mthong nas.

169. PTT, DG, Co omit du.

170. PTT, DG, Co ’dus pa.

171. PTT, DG, Co skui.

172. DNg, rGyud kun dpa’ mams la; Bo dong sems pa la.

173 .Bo dong omit la.

174. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, Bo dong, rGyud kun slar spos na.

175. PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun ’gags.

176. DG HRI la thig les brtan.

177. PTT, DG, Co omit sgom lam.

178. Bo dong yang dbang bzhi ni.

179. DNg, rGyud kun mthar phyin pa’i lam nas.

180. PTT mthar thug ’da’ ba |; DG, Co mthar thug rten ’brel mthar thug ’da’ ba |.

181. PTT, DG rdo rje’i rba rlabs kyi lam gyis; Co rdo rje’i dpa’ rlabs kyi lam gyis.

182. DG, Co rang bzhin gyi.

183. DNg, rGyud kun lus ngag yid gsum gyi.

184. PTT’dag dkar ’bras bu gnyis ’thob ste|.

185. DG, Co omit ’di ni.

186. PTT, DG, Co g.yo |.

187. PTT, DG, Co mkha’ ’gro ma mams.

188. DG, Co a wa dhu Tir ’jug; Bo-dong a ba dhu Tir ’du.

189. PTT, DG ’bras bu phyogs gcig ’thob ste |; Co hras bu’i phogs gcig ’thob ste.

190. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, rGyud kun, Bo dong longs sku’i.

191. Co bsgul ba.

192. DNg, rGyud kun bde gshegs bcud bsdus yin |; DG, Co, Bo dong bde gshegs bcud ’dus yin|.

193. DNg, PTT, DG, Co, Bo dong, rGyud kun dbyer med la.

194. rGyud kun lha gar |.

195. DG, Co rang bzhin gyi; rGyud kun rnam par dag | rang bzhing gyis.

196. Bo dong rnam par dag pa lhun grub kyi ska.

197. Between notes 197, PTT reads: ’bras bu longs sku’i zhing khams; DNg, rGyud kun as printed but with … longs sku’i zhing khams; DG, Co ’bras bu mthar phyin de kho na nyid kyi rtags longs sku’i zhing khams.

198. PTT, DG, Co bsgul ba; DNg, rGyud kun ma lus pa sgul ba, omitting la sogs pa.

199 .Bo dong sgul nus.

200. PTT, DNg, rGyudkun ‘gags; DG, Co a wa dhu Ti’i ‘gags.

201. DG HRI la thig les brtan |.

202. PTT, DG, Co omit dang.

203. Co Taros bzhi.

204. DG, Go nyams kyis.

205. DNg, PTT pa.

206. DG, Co, rGyud kun [omit sa] bcu gsum pa’o |.

207. DNg ’dzin par.

208. PTT ’grig pa lhar snang; DG, Co grig pa.

209. DNg ’tshang rgya gar ’khor tshom bu gcig dang bcas nas ’tshang rgya |; DG, Co ’tshang rgya kar ’khor tshom bu cig dang bcas te ’tshang rgya’o |; rGyud kun ’tshang rgya khar ’khor tshom bu gcig dang bcas nas ’tshang rgya; Bo dong as printed but with ’tshangs rgya khar.

210. PTT rdo rje’i theg pa ni.

211. DNg rtogs pas brtags kyang rtogs med rtogs; PTT, DG, Co rtogs pas brtags pas rtog med rtogs; Bo dong rtogs pas rtags dang rtog med rtogs.

212. DNg dang.

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